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Indiana State Licensure 

For more information on how to get licensed in our state, view the Indiana State Licensure page here:

Behavioral Health and Human Services Licensing Board

Professional Licensing Agency

Attn: Behavioral Health and Human Services Licensing Board
402 West Washington Street, Room W-072
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Board Phone Number: (317) 234-2054
Board Fax Numbers: (317) 233-4236 & (317) 233-5559
Board Email Address:

IC 25-23.6-7-4"Counseling services" defined

     Sec. 4. As used in this chapter, "counseling services" means evaluating, treating, or giving advice to, on a fee-for-services, prepaid, or other compensatory basis:

(1) an individual with a mental, an emotional, or a substance abuse problem; or

(2) an individual who seeks instruction in behavior modification, advice concerning interpersonal relationships, or advice concerning problems of daily living, including smoking habits, weight loss, and nutrition.

As added by P.L.186-1990, SEC.9.

NBCC Contact:

(336) 482-2856 State Licensure Questions
(336) 547-0607 Certification Questions

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