GARY WARDLAW, LMFT, LPC founder, co-owner, and lead therapist of the Relationship Clinic, will be our 

2022 Conference Keynote Speaker.

"In grade school, I was the person friends found themselves opening up to—disclosing parts of their lives not everyone was privy to hear. I was told that I was a good listener. Back then, I thought listening was a given...something that all friends did. As I’ve grown in the art of counseling, I recognized that attentive listening is truly and often a prerequisite or catalyst for healing. It’s a gift and talent that I’ve been given. It’s my goal, to provide a safe space where you feel listened to—without interruption or judgement—unconditionally.

My experienced began as a counselor at the local YMCA. From there, my clinical experienced was gained in psychiatric facilities, the K12 school system and in church settings where I provided pre-marital therapy and education to couples looking to tie the knot.

Couples and family therapy, although challenging, are a passion of mine. Helping families mend and heal brings my life a sense of purpose. So does treating racial trauma. Whether through psychoeducation, group, or individual therapy, it’s time for us as a community to heal from the generational trauma we’ve carried for centuries, while coping with the trauma currently.

How I do engage in the type of work without getting drained? Well, I am married to my best friend, we have 4 gorgeous girls (yes, I am a #girldad! I thoroughly enjoy homeschooling them all and watching Disney & Netflix movies (over and over and over again on Friday nights)). And of course, actively engaging in our framework praying, talking, and seeing a therapist myself have all help me to remain in a healthy space."

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